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Cavoodles & Poodles

Boutique, speciality breeder

We are a trusted Dog Breeder with a passion for puppies & our breeds.

 We are well known for breeding well adjusted, layback, carefree puppies. 

We breed for exceptional quality and ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards. 

Qld Dog Breeders : BIN0004593160673

Member of- Dogs Qld : 4100118201

Member of- Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA) : 2779

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About Us

Broula Cavoodles & Poodles, are a boutique, home operated specialty breeder of First Generation Cavoodles (F1), Purebred Toy & Miniature Poodle's.

Breeding specifically for correctness, type & colour.

We cannot guarantee our cavoodles will be "Toy" in size, this is due to the cavalier standing at an average height of 30-33cm & weighing an average 5.5-8kg. 

A true "Toy" is no taller than '28cm & weighs no more than 5.5kg'.

In saying that, we aim to keep our breeding female cavaliers of a smaller stature, while still ensuring they are correct to their breed standards. This enable us to breed small cavoodles.

Being an ethical, home operated, registered breeder, our puppies & their parents are raised and live in our home & are apart of our family, they are not raised in cages.

This ensures a smooth transition from our hearts to yours.

Our facilities are purpose build, including a climate controlled whelping room, with roomy out door play yards with covered and shaded areas with 24hr a day monitoring. 

We are located on the beautiful Fraser Coast, just out of Hervey Bay, Queensland.

We have a short waiting list and an application process.

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Why Cavoodles?


Cavoodle personality, characteristics and temperament 

The Cavoodle inherits a love for people from the laid-back Cavalier, which was bred to be a companion dog. Cavoodles are less highly strung than a miniature Poodle but have inherited their intelligence and sense of loyalty. The combination makes the gentle Cavoodle great with kids and fit for small living quarters.

Born with long, soft, floppy ears, large brows and a compact, round face, many Cavoodles will remain cute and puppy-like, even as adults.

Health and care of Cavoodles

Thanks to the benefits of crossbreeding, the Cavoodle is blessed with a more diverse genetic makeup than purebreds, making them less susceptible to the issues that may afflict their parent breeds. This genetic diversity adds up to an average lifespan of 10–14 years.

Cavoodles do well in apartments and small homes with small yards. This playful, affectionate companion does not like to be left alone, and some may expect round-the-clock companionship. You need to set the ground rules early and establish a workable routine for both your new puppy and your family, this will make the transition less stressful for your new family member and the family alike. Make sure to give your Cavoodle plenty of attention and daily exercise. While they don’t require much exercise, they will still need regular walks and runs.

The start of your relationship should be marked with a visit to your veterinarian. They may tell you to keep an eye out for genetic problems, such as slipping kneecaps, eye defects or congenital heart problems. That said, you and your family can expect to enjoy many years of warm companionship with a Cavoodle.

The Cavoodle is not generally as hyperactive as some other breeds, but still adores human companionship. In all, this is an intelligent dog, suitable for all age groups and most lifestyles.

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Why Poodles?


Getting along with the kids, the cat and the guinea pig is no problem for the poodle. Lively and affectionate, they make wonderful companion dogs, the Toy will adapt to life in more confined quarters as long as they get adequate exercise. They can be good guard dogs, announcing visitors but never being aggressive. The Poodle is an extremely intelligent and eager to please dog, no wonder he is inordinately easy to train. Poodles are unusually sensitive to vocal intonation, probably one of the reasons they are so easy to train. Many pet owners, using gentle and consistent training methods, have seen their poodles excel in obedience trials, flyball and agility. Children should be taught to handle these small, delicate dogs carefully though, as they can be easily hurt by accident due to miss handling.

Size: Toy Poodles stand 25 - 28cms and should not weigh more than 4.5 kg.

Size: Miniature Poodles stand 28 - 38cms and may weigh up to approx. 14kg.

Colour: They come in a variety of colours. Blues, grays, silvers, browns, café-au-laits, apricots and creams can be varying shades within the coat, for example, darker feathering on the ears and tipping on the ruff.  The colour will fade on all coats (apart from the whites) on reaching the age of 4 to 5.

Coat: LengthMedium Long

Poodles do not shed and are often tolerated by allergic people.

Their coats do require regular care, regular combing and brushing at home, some family choose to have their Poodles professionally groomed. 

Ailments: Poodles can be prone to eye problems such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. The toys and miniatures may also be prone to patellar subluxation. Epilepsy is another disease that plagues poodle varieties.

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Meet the Girls & Boys

Great care is taken when choosing the parents to be mated to produce a litter. We ensure both parents have been vet checked and DNA tested to eliminate any genetic defects and ensure both parents are in good health before matting.
Puppies are ready to join your family when they reach 8 weeks of age. Before joining your family, your pup will of have a comprehensive vet check, been vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and started their flee, tick & heart worm prevention treatment.

Poppy - 

Pure Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Keeping to our breeding program Poppy was chosen for her colour, coat pattern and size, she is quite a petite Cavalier.

Poppy is a gorgeous Tri Colour with rich Black & Tan makings with a large pearly white blaze and cheeks.

Poppy weighs - 6.1 Kg 


Mavis - 

Pure Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Mavis has been chosen for her exceptional true to type of the Cavalier confirmation and her gorgeous colour.
Mavis is Blenheim in colour with rich ruby ears and around her eyes, she has the Queen's Kiss / Blenheim spot in the centre of her head, the majority of her body and face is a sparkling pearly white with only a few ruby patches on her body. Mavis is a very loyal girl, and loves everyone she meets.
Mavis weighs - 6.8 Kg


Sadie -

Pure Breed Miniature Poodle

Sadie is a small miniature poodle standing 30cm to the shoulder, she is quite reserved in nature. She is a lovely apricot colour with chocolate points. She loves to play and is very social, she loves to just sit on your lap or the lounge of a night watching TV.

Sadie weighs - 5.2 Kg


Myrtle - 

Pure Breed Miniature Poodle

Myrtle is a Blue Merle Phantom, true miniature size poodle. Myrtle has an amazing nature, she is extremely affectionate, & loves everyone.

Myrtle carries Chocolate / Red / Cream & Apricot.

We are hopping to get some chocolate merles and pretty colours from this girl.

Myrtle weighs - 6.95 Kg


Dolly -

Pure Breed Miniature Poodle

Dolly is a rare Silver Beige & White Parti coloured miniature size poodle. Dolly is extremely loyal and has a very soft nature, she loves nothing more that to follow you around the yard while you do the gardening & in the evening her favorite place is on my lap while I watch the tele.

Dolly weighs - 4.2 Kg


Gypsy -

Pure Breed Toy Poodle

Gypsy is a Café au Lait Phantom Toy Poodle. Gypsy is the daughter of Sadie & Alfred. She is a real bundle of joy, she is always excited to see you and loves nothing more than cuddles.


Maggie -

Pure Breed Toy Poodle

Maggie is a rich Chocolate & White Parti coloured Toy Poodle. Maggie is extremely affectionate with a beautiful nature, she loves everyone she meets and steals their hearts.

We are hoping to breed some Black & White Parti pups and also Chocolate Phantom Parti Pups with this girl when she is mature enough.


Alfred - 

Pure Breed Toy Poodle

This petite, energetic rooster being a purebred Toy Poodle stands just 28cm at the shoulder is a real favourite.

Alfred is a true Cafe Au Lait Phantom

colour, true to colour he was born chocolate/brown in colour with apricot markings and liver points, fading out to the colour he is today.

Alfred weighs - 3.6 Kg


Barnaby - 

Pure Breed Toy Poodle

Barny has now retired from stud duty.


We would like to invite you to join our waiting list, if you are certain you would like to purchase one of our beautiful pups.
We will only take deposits on pups that are already born and are a minimum of one week old.

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Previous Pups


Sadie & Alfreds Girls

The Melbourne Girls

Sadie & Alfteds Girl


Sadie & Alfreds Girl


Sadie & Alfreds Boy


Home: Females

Available Puppies & up coming litters

Available Pups 

No available Pups


See our future litters below.

We are planning a matting of small miniature poodles this month. If all goes to plan, we hope to be expecting a litter late September.

If you think you may be interested in a future pup please either join our waiting list or send us an email.​​


Apricot Toy Poodle Boy - $2000 (SOLD)

He will be ready to join his new fromily from 21st June 2024

 All pups come health checked, vaccinated and microchipped


Puppy Packs

with love

Comprehensive puppy packs are provided with every pup to ensure the transition from our home to yours is as smooth as possible.
Includes 3kg Puppies biscuits 
Snuggle blanket with litter sent
Toy with litter sent
& other goodies, includings a discount voucher for BlackHawk products

Get in touch to find out more about our litters.

Home: Available Pets


Please contact us for a price if not listed.

A $500 deposit is required to secure your pup. 

No deposit will be taken before pups are one week old.

Once a deposit is paid, this locks in your pup and reserves him/her exclusively for you.

Deposits are non-refundable & will be forfeited if you change your mind.

Prices are subject to change without notification prior to a deposit being made.


Comprehensive puppy packs are provided with every pup.

Including a blanket & toy that has the sent of their litter for easy transition to your family.

A copy of their parents DNA health & colour test record. Their vet health check, microchip and vaccination records. A 3kg bag of the current dry food your pup is eating & a few treats, to assist you and your new family member.

Home: Accessibility Policy

Our Commitment

Animal Welfare Come First

 We have built a reputation as trusted breeders of quality puppies. We strive to ensure best practice is maintained at all times to produce quality, healthy, happy bundles of joy. At Broula Cavoodles & Poodles, we continue to care about our puppies long after they leave us. To the best of our ability make sure our puppies are guaranteed the forever home they deserve, we carefully interview all potential owners. Contact us to find out more about the process or to secure a place on our waiting list.

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How We Do Things

At Broula Cavoodles & Poodles, puppies are well socialised with adults of all ages, teenagers and young children. Not to mention the other members of our family, other dogs, not to forget the horses & 'Billy' the grumpy Rag Doll Cat.

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Happy Families

We are thrilled so many happy families have contacted Broula Cavoodles & Poodles to find their perfect new family member. Take a look below to see what they have to say about us.
If you have an experience you would like to share, please complete a testimonial form below.
We love receiving feedback.

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Joan - 4th March 2021

Hi Yasmin

Sorry, I was unable to get photograph of James.  Pity because he is really lovely.

He's very intelligent and is proving easy to train.  Most energetic, however.  I am exhausted!

Thanks for all your help in getting organised in purchasing crates, bed, food etc.  Thanks also for your box of goodies, especially details of his birth, parents and medical information.  My vet was most impressed with it.  Have passed on your information to other people who are interested in getting themselves a pup as beautiful as James.

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We thank you for your time.

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DNA Testing

Genetic Testing, Why is it so Important ??

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